Sten Hostfalt New York Guitarist Bassist Composer Bandleader Producer Record Label Proprietor Educator  

Sten Hostfalt is a leading innovative guitarist and composer working on the New York music scene of today. He performs with some of the most original and unique voices in modern music and has been called 'highly exceptional' by legendary American music icon Jimmy Giuffre and 'virtuosic' by musical innovator Joe Maneri - FRESH MUSIC : Explorations with The Creative Workshop Ensemble For MusiciansArtists and Teachers' by Jon Damian [ YO Publications 2015 ] ISBN 978-0-9863105-0-8. Library of Congress Control Number 2015901154.

"New York mi ha visto invece prima in duo il chitarrista Sten Hostfalt col il quale, oltre a registrare un disco ho tenuto una serie di concert in lioghi come lo ShapeShifter Lab. Anche in questo caso, in particolare con Sten, c’è stata un’ottima intesa e ho avuto modo di confrontarmi anche con la sua musica microtonale, fortemente innovativa."
- Johnny Lapio JAZZIT, Italy July 27, 2018

Sten Hostfalt SOUNDALIKE is the most recent incarnation of pioneering and acclaimed yet long time under the radar New York City guitar virtuoso and composer Sten Hostfalt, a Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley and Joe Maneri protege' whose original work may be considered groundbreaking in the future according to Jazz Review and is regarded as among the most riveting explorations of the microtonal world ever recorded by Signal To Noise Magazine.

The total immersion of a miniverse of finely etched detail taken to glorious extremes, 29 Microtonal Pieces is among the most riveting explorations of the microtonal world ever recorded. It's fine focus and beauty of detail puts the cycle in a class with John Cage's exquisite 'Sonatas and Preludes for Prepared Piano' Larry Cosentino, SIGNAL TO NOISE

"Sten Hostfalt takes the rigid confines of the Guitar and transforms it into an instrument capable of exploring the minute spaces between traditional notes by using altered tunings, mechanical preparations and electronically enhanced techniques. The result, 29 Pieces for the Microtonal Guitar, is an intriguing recording that shows just how far an instrument can be bent and altered to meet a more experimental and adventurous need, taking you on a journey to a place where rules simply don't exist. For those with ears broad enough to allow for the possibility that music can extend beyond the expected, and expand the potent boundaries of experience" - John Kelman, ALL ABOUT JAZZ


Photo by Jose' Luis Luna Rocafort : Sten Hostfalt Solo Concert, XXXV Encontres de Compositors Festival, Pilar i Joan Miro' Mallorca Spain 2014. All Rights Reserved © 2018 Sonus Rex
Sten Hostfalt is a SONUS REX recording artist, professionally affiliated with BMI Broadcast Music Inc. and American Federation of Musicians Local 802, Associated Musicians of Greater New York.


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