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Microtonal Guitar

  Sten Hostfalt
New York City Guitarist Bassist Composer Bandleader Producer Educator

Sten Hostfalt is a leading innovative guitarist and composer working on the New York music scene of today. He performs with some of the most original and unique voices in modern music and has been called
'highly exceptional' by legendary American music icon Jimmy Giuffre and 'virtuosic' by musical innovator Joe Maneri
- Jon Damian FRESH MUSIC : Explorations with the Creative Workshop Ensemble, for Musicians, Artists and Teachers.


March 2 @ 7PM at ShapeShifter Lab NYC : Sten Hostfalt SOUNDALIKE the most recent incarnation of pioneering, acclaimed yet long time under the radar New York guitar virtuoso and composer Sten Hostfalt, a Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley and Joe Maneri protege' whose music may be considered groundbreaking in the future according to Jazz Review and is regarded as among the most riveting explorations of the microtonal world ever recorded by Signal To Noise Magazine. Featured guest, trumpet player Johnny Lapio is a celebrated member of the Italian Avantgarde whose work credits include Anthony Braxton, Markus Stockhausen and Sylvano Bussotti.

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