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Sten Hostfalt at XXXV Encontre de Compositors Festival Mallorca, Spain November 21 2014. Photo: Jose' Luis Luna

Embracing the musicians final frontier and ultimate challenge-the solo performance following his 2002 solo concert debut recording '29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar Live at Knitting Factory New York', in other words for the past 15 years, Sten Hostfalt has appeared in solo concerts at the Pilar i Joan Miro´auditorium during the XXXV Encontres de Compositors Festival, Mallorca, Spain, as well as at Bostons Zeitgeits Gallery and New York Citys Symphony Space, ABC No Rio, The C-Note, Eat Records, The Issue Project Room, The Lucky Cat and Freddy's Backroom. This over a decade after a 1990 Berklee Performance Center solo performance as part of receiving a Berklee College of Music performance division Outstanding Musicianship Award. Prior to which Hostfalt performed solo as a street musician in Copenhagen, Denmark and Paris, France in 1986-87.

" The total immersion in a miniverse of finely etched detail that Hostfalt takes to glorious extremes in 29 Pieces for Microtonal Guitar. Recorded live at the Knitting Factory in 2002, 29 Pieces is among the most riveting explorations of the microtonal world ever recorded. It's fine focus and beauty of details puts the cycle in a class with John Cage's exquisite "Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano
". Larry Cosentino - SIGNAL TO NOISE MAGAZINE issue 36, 2005

" Sten Hostfalt takes the rigid confines of the Guitar and transforms it into an instrument capable of exploring the minute spaces between traditional notes by using altered tunings, mechanical preparations and Electronically enhanced techniques. The result, 29 Pieces for the Microtonal Guitar, is an intriguing recording that shows just how far an instrument can be bent and altered to meet a more experimental and adventurous need, taking you on a journey to a place where rules, quite simply, don't exist and anything is possible. " - John Kelman, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

" Höstfält has developed his own repertoire that incorporates microtones, a genuinely innovative approach for guitar. In the future 29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar may
be considered a groundbreaking work
" - Don Williamson JAZZ REVIEW


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