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Having lead or co-lead trios and quartets ever since the late 70's and with the first recorded manifest being
featured on a 16-track reel-to-reel tape recorded compilation audio cassette released via a Scandinavian New
Wave fanzine, Sten Hostfalt has continued to lead trios and quartets on the New York scene and elsewhere,
as notably represented on his 2002 debut CD recording as a leader Eternity Check, initiated by mentor Paul
Bley. As well as the contemporary jazz album Quartet, recorded at the Swedish Radio studio in 1998. And
the 2007 live quartet recording Moneytown featuring the instrumentation of spoken word, tenor and soprano,
sax, clarinet, slide whistle, trombone, toy piano, flute, guitar, bass, drums. released on Sonus Rex in 2011.

MONKEYTOWN NYC [ 2007 ]" There are few musicians brave enough to combine live poetry with the
toy piano and the trombone but then there are few musicians like Sten Hostfalt. He takes even more
risks with his band GHOST FACTOR incorporating guest improvisation into each inimitable performance"


Dave Miller-drums, Shayna Dulberger-bass, Sten Hostfalt-guitar live at Spike Hill New York City 2010. Photo: Kenny Young.




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